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Why Is Your AC Going to Break This Summer & How to tackle it?

Why Is Your AC Going to Break This Summer & How to Tackle It?

Air conditioners are more than necessary in today’s urban residences. Rising temperatures are significant warning indicators of impending disaster. And the prospect of dealing with the summer heat without an air conditioner is terrifying. To keep your air conditioners running at peak efficiency, schedule routine maintenance with AC service Saratoga, NY.

Summer is the season when air conditioners are most likely to fail. Even when it’s hot outside, the unit works hard to keep the temperature inside cool. It can cause overheating, tripped circuit breakers, compressor failure, and other issues. Let’s have a look at some of the common causes and how to deal with them.

Closed Air Vents

This is a common cause of AC breakdown. Closed vents obstruct the movement of air through your air conditioner. During the summer, we run our AC more frequently and more vigorously. This causes freezing and overheating, both of which can trip your circuit breaker. Homeowners must understand that air conditioners require a particular amount of airflow to function properly.

Closed vents reduce the amount of air that flows over the evaporator coil. And, as a result of the lack of air, the evaporator coils become cold, limiting airflow and eventually causing the unit to fail. You must keep a watch on vents to ensure that they are not obstructed or closed.

Run Capacitors Can Fail

The failure of run capacitors can result in the unit’s failure. It’s in charge of getting your air conditioner’s motor to turn on and finish its cycle. Run capacitors tend to break without warning when temperatures rise.

In extreme conditions, they will break down; homeowners can contact a local 24-hour AC repair near me for assistance in such an event.

Clogged Filters

When your air conditioners run on a regular basis, they are more likely to collect dirt. Filters should be changed every three months, according to experts. Dirt on the air filter obstructs the airflow, causing the evaporator coil to overheat and freeze.

At the very least, homeowners should change their filters every three months. If you have dogs or children, keep an eye on filters because they significantly impact the quality of airflow within your home.

Low Refrigerant

Low refrigerant levels might be one of the causes of breakdown. This problem is usually caused by neglecting routine maintenance. Low refrigerant levels can cause the machine to leak. A leak that is not repaired might be quite costly. It causes damage to the device, which raises the utility bills. The homeowners should report any water dripping near the unit. You must obtain AC services in Saratoga, NY, as soon as possible.

Motor Failures

Overheating causes motors to fail, and a failed capacitor might cause them to shut off. Lack of freon causes a unit to overwork, and filthy equipment strains the motor’s ability to function. Clogged filters or filthy AC coils can cause motors to stop working.

To avoid this type of failure, keep your unit clean and well-maintained for optimal performance and longevity.

We can help you save money on your AC services. Book routine maintenance with our experienced professionals by calling us at (518) 460-4855. You can also drop us an email at

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