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Why AC Installation Doesn’t Have To Break Your Bank

It’s no secret. You may have been saving up for years to replace your unit or install your first one. As each summer seems to be hotter than the last and climate becomes more and more unpredictable. But no matter how much you save, it probably still seems like a new AC unit costs more.
After all, air conditioning installation in Saratoga, NY can cost between $3,000 and $10,000. It can even cost more if your home is large your you are buying a top of the line model. Even if you sold your car you still might not be able to afford it.
However, there are many benefits beyond just the life bringing comfort and health benefits of having clean and cool air in the hot summer months. A new and well maintained AC unit will add significant value to your home as well as increase your and your families quality of life.
The air we breathe at home greatly affects the quality of our sleep, our growth and our health. Children and the elderly are especially sensitive and susceptible to airborne illnesses and contaminations. Airborne particles are microscopic and impossible for you to detect until it’s too late. A well maintained AC helps to filter and refresh the air in your home so that you can breath easy.


You could take out a loan or get a new credit card and slap the whole thing down on there if your credit score is good enough. That might be the best option if you are looking into air conditioning installation in Saratoga, NY.
But why borrow money from a third party who has no interest in your air quality or your home ownership experience? Why not go straight to the source and apply for financing from Albany Mechanical Services. We are the best when it comes to AC installation in the Saratoga area and we really care about you and your home.


Whether you are looking to install an entirely new unit or are just looking at getting major repairs or replacements done, Albany Mechanical Services can help you finance the job. We have a compassionate and dedicated financial team working around the clock to ensure that your needs are met quickly and completely. We understand that AC work can be a big financial undertaking for homeowners and we want to make sure that everyone can experience clean, cool air.

We believe that clean, breathable air should not be a privilege experienced only by the super wealthy but a right that all Americans share. After all, the air you breath is vital to your health and well being.

Call us now at (518) 460-4855. Here at Albany Mechanical Services we strive to ensure that everyone can afford an air conditioning installation in Saratoga, NY and the surrounding area.

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