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What to do when your AC is blowing hot air?

What to do when your AC is blowing hot air?

Temperatures on Green Island, New York can go as high as 85°F in summers, and surviving without an air conditioner can get difficult. But what’s worse is having a working AC that suddenly starts blowing hot air. While the answer to this is very simple: call a technician. But knowing the cause of these problems is just as important as solving them.

Six Main Reasons Being AC Problems.

Dirty filters: Most AC works by fanning hot air over refrigerant and condenser coils. Airflow is also important in maintaining the inner working temperature of your AC unit. To avoid dirt clogging, filters are installed to remove medium-to-large size particles that will cause clogging. When filters aren’t changed regularly, the system’s airflow isn’t sufficient, and the air overheats.

Closed vents: Closed vents are among the most common problems when you have a duct system installed in your home. Most homeowners choose to close their ducts during the winter. If these aren’t reopened, the air supply isn’t sufficient, causing the air to overheat. Instead of searching for the best “residential AC service near me“, walk around your home to make sure all ducts are open.

Dirty coils: Any AC has two sets of coils: an evaporator coil and a condenser coil. The evaporator coil is responsible for absorbing the heat inside your homes, and the condenser coil then evacuates this outside. If a filter isn’t changed regularly, these coils can get clogged and result in an overworked machine that gives hot air.

Leaky ducts: Have you noticed a crack in any of your ducts and ignored it because it doesn’t look large? A broken or cracked duct plate means the return air (i.e. warm air) is not making it back to the AC unit. A broken duct can also cause cool air distribution inside the walls.

Thermostat calibration: All electrical systems can have calibration problems, and thermostats aren’t any different. One of the reasons your house is receiving hot air is because the thermostat isn’t calibrated properly. You can always search for a 24 hour AC repair near me, but the solution is easy: turn off the thermostat for five minutes and turn it on again!

Electrical problems: Most AC systems in the US have an outdoor unit responsible for providing all ACs inside the house with fresh, cool air. If this condenser unit is experiencing electrical problems, your AC system will work fine but will not provide adequate cooling.


Some of the above-given problems can be solved without a technician. But we do recommend calling for technicians who provide HVAC services in Saratoga, NY. These technicians are experts in their field and can provide service guarantees – something online DIYs don’t.

For residents of Saratoga, NY, the best HVAC service in town is Albany Mechanical Services Inc. They have an extensive roster of HVAC services and have on-call technicians that can provide any service at any time. To know more about their services, or call (518) 460-4855.

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