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What does it mean when your furnace keeps running?

What does it mean when your furnace keeps running?

If your furnace is running nonstop, there are a few typical causes for this, which likely indicates a system breakdown. If your furnace never turns off, contact our reputable HVAC technician for furnace repair in Latham.

Reasons why your furnace runs continuously to maintain home comfort!

Possible causes of a furnace that won’t turn off include:

  • Blower problems: If your furnace is on but only producing cool air, you may have a blower problem. Your blower may run nonstop due to an electrical problem, such as rusted or loose wiring. Avoid attempting to repair the electrical parts of your furnace on your own. Keep yourself secure and contact our heating service company in Latham for repair.
  • Thermostat problem: Ensure your thermostat is set to the “auto” setting and not the “on” setting and that the indoor temperature is what you want it to be. Your furnace will run if it is set to “On.” Your furnace will operate until the required temperature is attained if the setting is “Auto.” If your thermostat settings appear to be accurate, but your furnace still runs, your thermostat may malfunction. Call our HVAC specialist to inspect, calibrate, or potentially replace it.
  • The furnace is not derated: The process of derating your furnace involves reducing the amount of gas that gets to the burner. By doing this, it won’t get too hot. Unrated furnaces may overheat and require constant fan operation. Call our furnace repair technician in Latham to fix this for you.
  • Dirty or blocked filters: If the air from your vents is cold and weak, your filters are probably blocked with debris and dust. Clogged filters prevent your furnace from receiving the necessary air, which makes it difficult to achieve your desired indoor temperature. Replace your dirty filters with fresh ones and check if the issue gets resolved.
  • Faulty pilot lights: An old furnace may have a pilot light meant to remain illuminated all winter. If this fails, your furnace can operate nonstop while only blowing cool air. As per your furnace’s directions, you can relight your pilot. Nowadays, furnaces have electric-start pilots that light instantly when the furnace needs heat. There may be a problem with the mechanism that prevents the pilot from lighting. Our heating service in Latham can take care of this.
  • Faulty fan motor: Your fan motor can’t function if it’s blocked, damaged, or has another problem, which implies that it must operate nonstop to reach the desired temperature. Your furnace’s unusual noises indicate that the motor is damaged, which is your cue to call our furnace repair expert to replace the motor.
  • Duct leaks: Heat is not being distributed if ducts are damaged or obstructed. You’re losing heat and money at the end of the month due to an increase in utility bills. Our specialist can do a thermal analysis to pinpoint the leaks’ location and fix your ducting.

Bottom line: Your house may become extremely uncomfortable when your furnace blows frigid air on a winter night or continues to pump heat relentlessly. If you ever find yourself in this predicament, act quickly and call the experts to fix the problem.

When you have a furnace problem, Albany Mechanical Services responds swiftly and provides trustworthy solutions. If you need reliable heating service in Latham, call (518) 460-4855 to schedule a service with our experts.

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