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5 Signs You Have Polluted Indoor Air in Clifton Park, NY

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Polluted air in your Clifton Park, NY, home can make breathing difficult and cause serious health complications. The pollution comes from things you bring into your home along with substances in the environment. Let’s look at the most common signs you have polluted indoor air.

Lasting Cold Symptoms

Cold symptoms range from coughing and sneezing to nausea and itchy eyes. While these symptoms are common during the cold and flu season, they shouldn’t appear multiple times a year. If they do, they can be a sign of polluted indoor air.

Bad Odors

Your home won’t smell as fresh and clean as you want it when you have bad or stale indoor air. Unpleasant odors often pop up because you have old air trapped in your vents or ducts, but it also happens when your filter can’t keep up with your home’s needs. Cigarette smoke and certain cleaning supplies can contaminate the air and cause foul odors too.

Excessive Dust

A large presence or buildup of dust is another sign of polluted indoor air. You might see dust on your furniture or other items but don’t forget to check your ducts and vents. When your home suffers from polluted air, the particles in it will form dust that settles around your indoor spaces.

Asthma Symptoms

Choosing from the best HVAC and IAQ solutions will go a long way to helping you combat asthma symptoms, which are a sign of polluted indoor air. Asthma can make your chest feel tight and cause wheezing. Polluted air can even cause asthma symptoms in those who don’t have the condition.

Cold and Hot Spots

Another sign your home has polluted air is when you find cold and hot spots, which are places where the temperature is hotter or colder than the surrounding areas. They’re often a sign that your HVAC system cannot meet your home’s needs, but they can also indicate an issue with polluted air weighing down the system and clogging the filter.

If you experience any of these symptoms and need relief, know that help is out there. Call Albany Mechanical to get help choosing the right indoor air quality services.

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