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How To Fix A Furnace That Won’t Stay Lighted?

How To Fix A Furnace That Won’t Stay Lighted?

It is critical to have a working furnace to keep the inside temperature stable when it is cold outside. It is impossible to picture winter without a properly running furnace. Homeowners frequently fail to keep their furnaces in good working order. It is always advised to prepare your furnace for the winter by looking into furnace replacement in Saratoga.

Suppose your furnace won’t stay lit for an extended period of time. Furnaces are fascinating, and in most cases, they should stay lit until you turn them off. They operate on the combustion process, which necessitates a continual flame to generate heat. There could be many causes for the faulty furnace, which you can repair yourself or by contacting professionals, some of whom are listed below –


The burner heats the furnace. Burners become caked with carbon over time, causing the supply of gas to be cut off. And they will produce less heat as a result.

Homeowners can reactivate the furnace by cleaning the burners. It should be operational once more. If the situation persists, one should immediately contact a furnace repair near them to have a closer look.


This could potentially be one of the issues; the flame rollout switch is constantly tripping. The switch is there to shut down the machine if it becomes too hot. If the temperature rises above 350 degrees Fahrenheit, the gas supply is reduced. You won’t be able to ignite the furnace for a while, but don’t worry about it.

If your furnace does not stay lit, you must check the flame rollout switch and turn it back on.


One of the underlying causes could be this. A furnace requires a lot of oxygen to function properly. Your furnaces are programmed to turn on only when a specified level of oxygen is reached. During the winter, we frequently close our windows and doors, and vents become clogged with snow. When the oxygen flow is disrupted, it might make it difficult for the furnace to pull air.

Overheating in the furnace can also be caused by a lack of airflow. The oxygen supply will be shut off, and the furnace will cease to function. Homeowners must ensure that vents are not clogged and that the indoor air quality is consistent. You must contact a furnace service near me for routine maintenance.


The flame sensor is in charge of sensing the flame and producing heat. It is a thin metallic rod that creates a modest electric current to certify the flame. It requires a gas supply valve to release fuel after detecting a flame.

However, the flame sensor can accumulate dirt and dust with time, preventing him from sensing the flame. If the flame is not detected, the circuit board will not discharge gas, and the furnace will not be able to stay lit. To resolve the issue, homeowners can either clean the flame or replace it.

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