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How Long Does it Take for a Furnace to Break down?

How Long Does it Take for a Furnace to Break Down?

Once you have purchased a Furnace, you fall in love with the warmth and comfort that it provides. But after a couple of years of use, some problems and needs for servicing start to surface, which makes one wonder if the furnace will break down soon and if they should consider replacing it. There is no fixed answer to this because how long your furnace works depends on a variety of factors. But we can guide you on how long an average furnace lasts and what affects the life expectancy of your furnace.

Some Factors That Affect the Lifespan of a Furnace

The average furnace lifespan ranges from 15 to 30 years, while some furnaces can last up to almost 40 years! Experts say that as long as the furnace is serviced annually, it should easily last over 15 years. Just like a car, if your furnace is maintained, it will run efficiently and for a long time. Some factors that affect the lifespan of a furnace are as follows:

Furnace Size

The size of a furnace matters because of the area it is supposed to heat. A small furnace for a large room might force it to run for long, reducing its lifespan. Hence, the size of the furnace must always be apt for the room it is supposed to heat.

Installation Quality

If your furnace does not have a design suitable for your room, it may bring forth improper installation, leading to blockages in the airways of the furnace. This can reduce the life of your furnace.


Your furnace may have issues that may seem small, but if you leave these minor issues unattended, they may cause bigger troubles in the longer run. Regular maintenance helps locate such problems with ease. A furnace requires regular servicing to function for long, so you should never skip the annual maintenance plan.

Other Things at Home

The measures we follow at home also determine the lifespan of a furnace. Some things like proper furniture placement, regular cleaning of the furnace components, etc., help your furnace perform more energy-efficiently. Using curtains with thicker cloth also helps maintain heat in the house and thus, takes some load off your heating system, resulting in longer furnace life.

There are many ways to increase the lifespan of your furnace, like cleaning the furnace filter regularly, replacing parts, and installing a heat pump with your furnace. Using a heat pump can create a dual heating system, reducing the load on your furnace.

Some Signs

Frequent service calls, expensive electricity bills, uneven temperatures, poor air quality, and weird sounds are the signs that your furnace needs some repair or replacement, either in parts or as a whole.

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