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5 Noises From Your Furnace Which Make You Contact HVAC Partner

5 Noises From Your Furnace Which Make You Contact HVAC Partner

The sound of your furnace running isn’t something you think about or actively listen for. But if your furnace isn’t running correctly, it will produce various noises that you cannot avoid.

When it starts to get cold, your furnace will perform its task to maintain the room to optimum working temperature. You’ll often hear a clicking sound.

The sounds produced by your furnace are varied, but there are only a few you should worry about. If these sounds are getting repeated, you must call an HVAC partner to check the issue.

Here Are Five Noises You Shouldn’t Avoid From Your Furnace


A grinding sound from your furnace is due to the inefficiency of the blower fan or, a broken bolt is the main problem.

Another issue might be the bearings might need a lubricant. You must hire a technician at this point as this might create severe issues in the future.


Booming is a familiar furnace noise most homeowners suffer. The root cause of this issue is the accumulation of gas from a delay in the ignition.

You might also experience the smell of natural gas around the furnace. If you are still looking for heating services in Saratoga, contact us for any emergency and on-time service.


A clicking sound is quite normal when you just switch on the furnace and, there is nothing to worry about for homeowners. Apart from this, a clicking sound often occurs when the furnace turns off.

You shouldn’t hear a clicking sound other than these two situations and, if you experience clicking sound frequently, it is an indication your flame sensor is at fault.


A rattling sound occurs when there is a loose part in your furnace. A worn or broken element is also one of the reasons behind a rattling sound.

The system might fail soon if the rattling sound is untreated for a longer time. If your system is quite old, there are chances you might have to replace the furnace with a trusted HVAC partner.

Schedule an inspection to confirm which parts need replacement. Our experts will guide you through the process and inform you about the estimated cost if you are still hunting for a furnace replacement in Saratoga.


If the furnace has not been in use for a long time, you might hear a chirping sound. You can avoid this noise if it is just the start of the furnace season.

If you still experience a chirping sound, you might have to replace the fan belts. The best option is to schedule maintenance from your HVAC partner and get it checked if the furnace is working efficiently.

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